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Just can't stay away

Joined: 2006/8/14
Posts: 106
USA Indiana

 talk to me baby      

Are ya all dead or what? the rest of us humans blah blah blah all the time! Cat got your tounge or are you all just scared to death of MI5.
Not to worry they dont work for nada like our guys they want a paycheck every week and ya all aint worth their time gra jd

 2006/10/13 1:23  Profile     Send Email to judiann     Add to Contact List   aim   yim   msnm

Joined: 2002/2/9
Posts: 14
Douglaston, Queens - New York City

 Re: talk to me baby      

ha!! judiann you rock. where are you located?

 2006/10/20 3:12  Profile     Send Email to donnelly   Visit Website     aim    

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