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Just can't stay away

Joined: 2006/8/14
Posts: 106
USA Indiana

 the red hand      

i am always reading
The rain was falling now persistently,--he was not dead, for, now and again, his hand moved feebly in a gesture for aid; the hand was completely red with blood. his face could not be seen. He was just a limp mass, upon which the rain beat pitilessly, and he was soddon and shapeless, and most miserable to see. His companions could not draw him in for the spot was covered by the snipers from the Shelbourne.'

From james Stephens diary of the Easter week, Insurrection in Dublin.
from the Easter Rising by richard killeen 1995

On the irish prophetic side the story of the red hand appears from time to time in history and in legend. i have the legend written down somewhere in my notes if i come across it will put it on.the story that a hand was cut off and thrown ashore I think goes back to the melisian invasion in the mist of history and was thrown not in the north of ireland but in the south at sandhills or environs.
Miled the leader of this invasion means in irish soldier but his real name was galam his given name which in irish means ga(ray) and lamh (hand) the hand that threw the spear. This was centuries before the donnellys were consieved The irish are basically descendants of two sons of milid, erimon and eber. eber took the south and erimon the north donnellys are descended from erimon. If you take the hs out of modern irish you get mostly the old early chrisian irish script which is the western alphabet with a few changes from today. it is hard to read because it is written so small. thats because they wrote on sheepskin which was expensive. la maith judi ann

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Joined: 2002/2/9
Posts: 14
Douglaston, Queens - New York City

 Re: the red hand      

Hey Judi Ann,

Thanks for adding that information!! I always love to hear stories about the red hand and it's origins.


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Not too shy to talk

Joined: 2012/6/4
Posts: 33

 Re: the red hand      

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