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Just popping in

Joined: 2006/5/9
Posts: 4

 family crest?      

is the family crest on this site the actual donnelly crest? because i saw one on a different donnely site and i just wanted to know which one was our real family crest.


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Joined: 2002/2/9
Posts: 14
Douglaston, Queens - New York City

 Re: family crest?      

yup its the real crest.

is the crest on the site you were asking about. the lions, hand and fish are there...other subtle things like the shape don't really matter. its the 2 lions, hand and fish that make it the donnelly crest. the hand and lions should be red.

[ Edited by donnelly on 2006/8/18 20:56:58 ]

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